Northern Pike Contest

East Battle Fishing Tournament—July 9th, 2022

The East Battle Lake Watershed Association would like to invite you to participate in the Steve Wilson “Merry Fishmas” in July Northern Pike Tournament on July 9th.

Now with that invitation extended; let’s take a step back to discuss the core reason:

If you were to magically turn back the clock, and fish on our lake 200 years ago; you would see a northern pike population that would have a balanced size structure. The number of northern pike would be radically less, but there would be pike in the lake ranging from a few small ones, up to monstrous 30-pound fish.

Today, our lake is radically dominated by stunted, small fish that have no ability to reach their genetic potential. The sole reason for that is this: When we as humans started to fish the lake, the common practice was to keep the larger fish, and release the smaller ones. The problem with that is that Northern Pike are cannibalistic in nature. Simply, larger Northern Pike eat smaller ones. When you remove the larger pike, over time, the population continues to breed, but the vast numbers of small pike no longer get removed. This ultimately leads to an overpopulation of stunted Pike.

The best analogy can be taken from gardening. If you have planted carrots, you know they come up with a much higher density than needed. In fact, you need to ultimately thin 90% that germinates. Failure to do so results in just the tops, with no developing carrot. Those carrot rows that don’t get thinned never result in their genetic potential!

So, one answer is to remove as many of our small Pike (under 22”) as we can (within legal DNR framework). The DNR has helped us out by increasing the daily limit of pike under 22” to 10 per person (from 3 prior).

Recipes and cleaning tutorials will be provided!

With that in mind, our contest is based on the following rules:

  • All participants 16 and older must have a valid Minnesota fishing license.

  • Date and hours for the tournament are July 9,2022 between 5:40 am and 7 pm.

  • This tournament is limited to East Battle Lake property owners and their guests.

  • All anglers will launch from their own property.

  • This is a “catch and keep” tournament for Northern Pike under 22 inches. All participants acknowledge and agree that they WILL NOT release any of these fish back to the lake. Recipes and cleaning tutorials will be provided.

  • Winners will be determined in a raffle drawing. First prize is $1000. Second prize is $300. Third prize is $200.

  • A boat will be issued a raffle ticket for every 10 Northern Pike under 22 inches. For example, at the count check-in a boat with 10 will receive 1 ticket, 20 will receive 2 tickets, 30 will receive 3 tickets.

  • Any Northern Pike over 22 inches will not be counted as valid for the raffle. Minnesota fishing regulations for our zone require that all Northern Pike between 22 and 26 inches be returned to the lake. Consult the Zone 1 MN Fishing Regulations.

  • Each angler can register no more than 10 Northern Pike caught on the day of the tournament. Consult MN Fishing Regulations (daily limit of 10).

  • Total weight is not being calculated.

  • The fish count for the raffle will take place between 4 pm and 7 pm on the long narrow beach property with Adirondack chairs on the southeast shore of the northern bay of the lake. There will be East Battle Lake Watershed banners on the property. The physical address is 23051 Chippewa Trail, Vining, MN.

  • Weather permitting, the raffle drawing will take place at 7:30 pm on July 9th. In case of inclement weather, the drawing will take place at the East Battle Watershed Annual Meeting July 23rd at the Community Center.

Please direct any questions to one of the following:

Carl Loge

Mary Robar

Mark Irons

Northern Pike Tournament Winners:

1st Place Brianna St. Auburn

2nd Place Jim O'Connor

3rd Place Andy Schaum

Thank you for participating. We hope to have a repeat next year!

Fun Day Pictures

Cooler of 40!

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