Northern Pike Contest

East Battle Fishing Tournament—Saturday, June 24, 2023

This year’s northern pike tournament will be held on Saturday, June 24th.

A recap, the “goal” and the “why”: Remove as many northern pike under 22” as we can within the legal framework of the DNR rules and regulations. Northern Pike are voracious feeders, and generally easy to catch. They are a significant predator that can make it difficult to establish our walleye stock. East Battle Lake, like so many lakes in the Central Region, has a large overpopulation of stunted, small northern pike. Thinning out the numbers would allow the remaining pike to attain larger sizes, at a lower density. Large northern pike feed on small northern pike. Our lake is missing those apex-level predators. For the last 100 years or so, the established practce for northern pike was to keep the big ones, and let the little ones go. That makes sense on the surface, however, the net result of that practice established this massive populaton of little northerns. There are too many to grow larger.

As these little northern pike are not appreciated as a food source, most fisherman quickly release them. We strongly encourage removal of these fish whenever possible. Now the disclaimer from the EBLWA board- while the DNR has raised the limits of these under 22” pike to 10 per person, wanton waste laws prohibit removal without utilizing them.

Like last year, our tournament will be a “catch and kill.” All participants will do so based on the understanding that these northern pike caught for the tournament will not be released back to the lake. We would like to see a huge number of participants. Due to the small size of our public access, we are forced to limit participants to lake shore owners and their guests. Invite lots of guests!

Let’s have some fun with this and see what we can accomplish. Last year we removed almost 800 small northern pike.

Specific rules are included and will be posted on the EBLWA Facebook page and our website. Feel free to reach out to Carl Loge with any questions at, or via phone at 701-361-0633.

Note from Mary: We are fortunate to have very generous donors for this event. We thank

Janet & Doug Vanderberg and Carl & Brenda Loge for sponsoring the tournament this year.

Fishing Contest Rules

Please direct any questions to one of the following:

Carl Loge

Mary Robar

2023 Northern Pike Tournament Winners:

1st Place     Wayne Brunn $1000

2nd Place   Austin Carroll $300

3rd Place    Wade Vermeer $200

Thanks again to the VanderBerg's and Loge's for their generous donations to make this prize money available.  Remember there are recipes listed here on our website.  

2022 Northern Pike Tournament Winners:

1st Place     Brianna St. Auburn

2nd Place   Jim O'Connor

3rd Place    Andy Schaum

Thank you for participating.  We hope to have a repeat next year!

2022 Fun Day Pictures

Cooler of 40!

Loves East Battle Lake

The Loge's