2013 Meeting Schedule

Post date: May 24, 2013 3:26:6 PM

May 28 - Tuesday - 7 pm - Olson Residence, 21955 457th Ave Vining

Primary agenda items:

1) Annual Meeting Plans

2) Candidates for Leadership Team positions

3) Lake Mapping Project results

4) Other items as required

June 18 - Tuesday - 7 pm - Location to be announced

1) Confirmation of Annual Meeting Plans (99% complete)

2) Assignments to fill in the gaps in the Annual Meeting plans

3) Recommendation to accept Auditor's Report at Annual Meeting,

4) Reports from Area Reps, Officers and Volunteers for

Printed Annual Report

5) Other items if required.

July 6 - Saturday - 9 am - Henning Community Center - (Fire Station building)

1) Recognition of outgoing leaders.

2) Approval of Officers' reports.

3) .Election of 2013-14 leaders

4) Presenter (Confirmed)


1) Special meetings IF needed

2) Business to be addressed on email AS needed

3) Project Teams will meet to carry out their project objectives.

Sept. 24 - Tuesday - 7 pm - Location to be announced

1) End of season wrap-up

2) Celebrate a successful season.

In structuring our schedule I have designed it to meet several objectives

1) To minimize the impact on our family and community involvement schedules

2) To maximize the flexibility we each have to manage our own time commitments.

3) To give each team member full responsibility to manage his/her activities when performing a particular task.

4) To utilize email as our primary means of communication, reading messages and responding within a reasonable time.

5) Enough for the rules - RESULTS COUNT - it is up to you.


Chuck Olson